How to Troubleshoot Lash Retention

How to Troubleshoot Lash Retention

Not sure how to respond to lash retention issues? Here are some steps you can take for when you bring them back.

First of all, make sure to have a 3 day FREE refill policy for proper retention issues as some clients may wait too long before it is hard to tell whether it is caused by poor aftercare.

Problem: Premature Lash Shedding Solution:

  • Check through for any issues with isolation and precise adhesive application
  • If the lashes are at the tip of the natural lash then it is the natural growth of the lash
  • Check for any oil and ask about them to repeat their aftercare routine

Problem: Lashes Losing Curl Solution:

  • Recommend a lash lift or perm treatment for clients with stubbornly straight lashes to maintain the curl for a longer period

Problem: Tears Solution:

  • Check if the client has tears during the appointment, very gently tug the fans a little after placing on the natural lash for a 10 seconds to see if it is tight
  • Add tissues on top of the eyepad and underneath the eyelid to absorb the tears 

Problem: Sticky Residue on Lashes Solution:

  • Check for eyeliner or mascara as even applying to bottom lashes can transfer into the top lashes 
  • Check to see if the client has any skin conditions that may cause excess skin build up around the lash base

Problem: The last salon stayed for 8 weeks!

  • Explain that is not normal as there has been too much glue or "stickies" that have caused the natural lash to not grow
  • This complaint won't happen within your 3 day refill but their previous lashes may have not had any lashes at all 

Problem: Lashes Looking Sparse or Sparse Areas Solution:

  • Assess the client's natural lash density, if it is too thin it may not be able to hold certain weights - change the diameter

For guaranteed retention without sticking lashes together or using excess glue, try our revolutionary UV Lash System!

Remember, effective troubleshooting requires clear communication, attention to detail, and a willingness to go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction. By addressing common lash extension problems proactively.

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