bubble guarantee

Contract Details

Certifications:Β CertificationΒ CertificationΒ CertificationΒ CertificationΒ Β 

  • 1 year warranty & on-site technicians in Syd/Melb
  • 1 year of live support with a 24 hour response time
  • Free optional training (local onsite or via call)
  • Unlimited Ausmed offshore supportΒ 
  • Digital Marketing & customer pricing / packaging adviceΒ 

Contract Details

Guarantee Terms and After-Sales Support Warranty Maintenance Training

β€’ Ausmed agrees to provide the following service for all the buyers:

β€’ Ausmed must guarantee the device is qualified goods.

β€’ Installment and Operation Training. Bubble should supply the instruction manual, training manual with illustrations, and operation video for the buyer.

β€’ Training is also available when the buyer requires physical training outside the instruction manual.

β€’ The seller offers 1 year warranty for free, and lifetime service since receipt of delivery (except the damage on purpose and consumable part).

β€’ Within 1 year Ausmed offers spare parts free of charge if there are any parts that need to be replaced.

β€’ After 1 year Ausmed offers instruction and troubleshooting service free of charge. The buyer will need to look after shipping and the cost of the spare parts.

β€’ Ausmed offers a whole life maintenance for only the cost price fee of the replaced accessory.

β€’ If the product is damaged by the owner, we have specifically trained engineers that can be flown in for hardware repair at an extra cost.

β€’ All of our machines are modular and designed that make checking and replacement easy.

β€’ For any issues with the machine, you may contact Ausmed offshore customer service team.

β€’ Bubble will provide local training for each machine purchase, either online or in-person.

β€’ If you require additional training, such as for new staff members, offshore video training is available for free; or local training for an extra fee.

β€’ For machines that require Licensing, please contact us to enquire about premium government accredited certification training.

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bubble beauty was started by former 5-star beauty clinic owner, shantelle. she loves collaborating with businesses and helping them thrive with great affordable tools.

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our vision is to supply an affordable selection of tools without compromising on quality. in fact, we only supply what works best for lash and brow artists alike.

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we have two warehouse locations in greenslopes and algester, currently walk-ins are not available.

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