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4D Promade Mixed Tray XXL | 1200 fans

4D Promade Mixed Tray XXL | 1200 fans

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  • 4D
  • C / D curl
  • Mixed Tray 8 - 16mm
  • Black

our boxes come with a very generous 1200 fans all individually made with high quality PBT material for a matte finish.

lash like a handmade artist 

our promade fans ensure your clients get a consistent, fluffy and comfortable set every time. with wider fans and thinner stems, your clients get the handmade feel in a fraction of the time!

lash more clients with full lash coverage that lasts longer, feel lighter and are much healthier for client lashes. for example, our 10D fan has the same weight as a 1D fan!

more about bubble promade fans...

Quality Features:

  • Don't run out of lashes during an appointment, each of our boxes contain a generous 1200 promade fans, ~12x more than an ordinary lash tray!
  • Give your client a luxury fuller-looking matte finish with platinum silk blended into high-quality korean PBT material 
  • 100% handcrafted, mimicking your own meticulous work.
  • 3-10D fan base matches the thickness of a single lash, making it the lightest option available.
  • Easy removal from the strip with minimal risk of breakage or falling apart.
  • Heat-bonded technique with minimal glue ensures strong lash fusion.

Speed Benefits:

  • Helps create mega volume sets alongside classic sets simultaneously.
  • Our boxed fans reduces prep time compared to loose fans.
  • Fans can be used straight from the box at your convenience.

Client Satisfaction:

  • Provides super even lash coverage with a wide fan and short stem, ideal for clients with sparse lashes.
  • Lightweight and durable, offering up to 6 weeks of retention.
  • 100% cruelty-free.

Just in case:

  • Handcrafted nature may result in slight differences between fans, enhancing the natural look.
  • 5-10 fan bases may separate due to travel and weather conditions.


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