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'Extreme Flying' Japan Keratin Lash Lift Kit

'Extreme Flying' Japan Keratin Lash Lift Kit

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blackwings extreme flying lash kit is safer, more effective than traditional lash perms. 

rather than just perming and nourishing, we add an extra step to soften the lashes before perming for a more beautiful lash lift. another unique step is the glue remover for a cleaner application.

bubble is the only distributor in australia to supply genuine blackwings products!

perfect for clients who want a natural and low maintenance look lasting 8 weeks.

kit includes:

  • 15 softening solutions
  • 15 perming solutions
  • 1 nourishing solution (<45 uses)
  • 1 lash lift glue
  • 5 pairs of S/M/L lifting shields
  • 1 lash lift applicator
  • instruction manual)

pro tips: 

✔ for normal lashes, apply softener for 5 mins, set for 7 mins

✔ for thicker lashes, apply softener for 6 mins, set for 7 mins

✔ apply our special blackwings lash tint before nourishing

✔ avoid applying solution to the lash tips to prevent sizzling

✔ try one eye at a time to see if that works better for you

✔ use a cream-based lash lift adhesive for easier application - sold here

how to use:

*sold to professional lash artists ONLY

  1. cleanse lashes with a lash cleanser 
  2. remove any dust with a lash primer (optional)
  3. apply vaseline under the eyes
  4. apply protective eye pads under the eyes, protecting the bottom lashes
  5. apply eye tape to secure eye pads (optional)
  6. apply glue to the eye lids and lash shields
  7. apply lash shields and lightly press onto the eyelids for a 10 seconds
  8. use the lash tool applicator to apply the top lashes to the shields with glue
  9. separate the lashes 
  10. apply softening solution for 5-6 mins 
  11. apply perming solution for 7 mins 
  12. remove glue with glue cleaner for 30-60 seconds 
  13. apply blackwings lash tint (optional)
  14. clean the lashes before applying the nourishing agent


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