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Premium UV Light Beam Kit

Premium UV Light Beam Kit

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Experience a revolutionary shift in the world of eyelash extensions with our cutting-edge UV light system. Take your lash and nail services to the next level with our innovative UV led lamp and specifically formulated glue for curing within just 1-2 seconds!


  • skip aftercare
  • uv compared to normal led lamps save you 30%+ in treatment time, increasing your ROI
  • immediate water exposure to lashes 
  • retention is significantly improved in which no lash glue, bonder nor sealer can achieve
  • eliminates sensitivity to humidity, temperature and seasonal changes
  • up to 80% success rate on allergen-prone clients

uv glue

the composition of our uv glue is unlike traditional eyelash adhesives.

by excluding carbon black, we remove this ingredient which is a trigger for allergies. using our glue boasts 100% curing, eliminating all vapors immediately.

uv led lamp goggles 

uv led light is safe on clients as long as their eyes are closed at all times, but you as an artist get full eye protection with our uv goggles.


  • Must be worn when using UV led lamp
  • Panoramic lense, broad perspective.
  • Impact and scratch resistant.
  • Adjustable temples
  • Comfort padding
  • Protective band: 190-490nm
  • Optical density: OD3


  • Visible light transmittance: <70%
  • Protective features: absorption + reflection
  • Performance: Keep UV light and blue light active
  • Protective laser color: mixed color


  • epilepsy 
  • chemotherapy
  • pregnancy / breastfeeding
  • post-surgical procedures around the eye area


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